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Dress Code

We would like everyone to enjoy their time at Cambridge Golf Club. The Club has a relaxed but tidy approach to dress, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.


We want you to feel as if you are welcome to our club and for you to be comfortable. However we do ask that you respect our wish to have a minimum standard of dress, a collared shirt must be worn on the Golf Course and on the Driving Range. 





Please avoid wearing rugby or league jerseys and shorts. Jeans are just fine provided they are not extensively torn or dirty, keep the jandals, singlets, T-shirts or trackpants for the beach or gym.


Appropriate footwear on the Course and the Driving Range includes golf shoes with soft spikes or casual shoes. Jandals and work boots are not appropriate.

Please do not wear the shoes that have been on the course in the clubrooms.


Take care in the sun by using sun screen and wearing an appropriate hat.

Peaked caps worn back to front are not acceptable.