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Members and vistors to Cambridge Golf Club are fortunate to have the support of Rory Moor, Golf Professional. A member of the NZPGA for over 40 years, Rory has a wealth of experience to support your golf. See Rory for help with your game, or for whatever you need in equipment or golf apparel.


Rory does not have a warehouse full of golf supplies but tell him what you want he will get it - at a very competitive price.


"Our golf shop is well stocked with some outstanding apparel and latest golfing equipment, however not every clothing brand or type of club is held in stock due to the logistics of space. Recently I found a driver that I was interested in at a golf shop in Hamilton that was not stocked in our shop. Following discussions with Rory I not only had the new club arranged through him within two days but it came considerably cheaper than I was able to buy it in Hamilton. The moral of this story is: if you are considering buying some new equipment that you have seen somewhere else, have a chat to Riory first to see if he can help you get it and he will give you his best price, which in my case was significantly cheaper than at the Hamilton shop. Don’t be afraid to ask Rory as he will do his best to help and if he can’t match the price of the item you are wanting feel free to get it elsewhere. Just ask, he won’t be offended but he may be able to save you some money."